Monday, August 6, 2012

At LasT ,Charice songs finally sang @ ASAP

Lately,I'm not in the mood of doing blog because of non-exciting story to tell,but....I stumbled upon this video of a T V program ASAP from the Philippines wherein the performers are mainstay of the show and more often than not,these singers are being compared to Charice the most talented girl in the world as better singer, more beautiful,more successful than her.
These crazy fans of these singers will have a very  disappointing day should they watch this because it never come into their mind and longings that their idol is performing the songs of their bitter rival in the industry.This is a big blow to their belief and their pride fighting bitterly for their star on youtube comments and on news media.I did encounter many of their silly,destructive,idiotic, comments and the Philippine news media and tabloid are not spared to this bias, unwanted,moronic circle of fans and detractors to belittle,scorn and ridicule a star performer of their own country.Until now,there are still many of them criticizing in every way possible just to put down Charice to their level of thinking.
I am not amazed though because I had seen,read and watch many of them,the annoying media bias together with the die hard fans of rival singer/performer of Charice.They are fighting who has more fans,more money,more beautiful, and lately more fitted to be seen on television.People are criticizing Charice not fitted to be a judge/mentor of Philippines X Factor 2012 and she is over acting,whatever she does like dressing,hair look,mannerisms and all that  is not pleasing to their taste.What a joke to these freaking morons who will never understand anything unless it is good for them.I do not blame if these are young ones which I believe many of them are and it's hard to go down to their level of thinking otherwise I"ll be lower than these mammals.Now, watch your beloved "idols" performing with their hearts and soul the songs popularized and sang by no other than Charice herself.From now on you better cling to your guts and don't blame the performers because they know it is but right.
Enjoy and relax as I do the same because Charice is the best person you've ever had in the Philippines as far as music is concern and she is being payed really at a high price being with the X Factor program because the producers know what the public viewers are longing for to watch and it is the best show so far in the Philippines as of today the number one(1) rated TV show .

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